Construire l'Europe, la démocratie et la société civile de l
Date de publication : avril 2011
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Who participates in the choice of the lecturers?
E.Nemirovskaya: I think we are trying to attract people who express, more or
less, the governmental strategy about modernisation because we are talking a
lot about it. I think modernisation should be part of the discussion and here
[the Federal Seminar of the Moscow School] it’s a very good place for
discussion: there are lots of experts who are in their personal lives decisionmakers
of the regional level. In other places, they are not involved in such
discussions. I think we should make the discussion more interesting because
we meet here very different levels of decision-makers and people from all
over Russia… And let’s say we have there people from the whole ex-Soviet
world, including even Macedonia and Bulgaria: they should be involved
because I think we have, more or less, the same problems. One of the main
problems for all these countries

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