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Dios Torralbo

Traductions et contextes, contextes de la traduction
Date de publication : janvier 2018
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Samuel Briscoe published "The Unhappy Mistake", along with other short stories, in 1700. Some critics maintain that it is one of Aphra Behn's novellas, published posthumously. However, other scholars, such as Germaine Greer (1995: 190), Janet Todd (1996: 317) and Leah Orr (2013: 37) question its authorship by the Restoration writer (Torralbo, 2016 : 411). "The Unhappy Mistake" has been largely overlooked by specialised critics, and aroused little interest amongst literary translators. The only Spanish translation dates from 2008 and is found in a volume by Jesús Serrano-Reyes containing stories by Aphra Behn. The source text cited in this chapter comes from the third volume of the complete works of Janet Todd, published in 1995 (411-442) under the general title The Fair Jilt and Other Short Stories. The target text appearing in this chapter comes from the edition by Jesús Serrano-Reyes, published in 2008 (491-533) in the volume entitled Aphra Behn. El príncipe Oroonoko y otros relatos.

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