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Antoine Megie

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Date de publication : février 2008
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While European police cooperation has been developing since the end
of the 1970s, cooperation in the field of criminal justice was only instituted
at the beginning of the 1990s. This chronology is not a mere coincidence.
Indeed, it appears that one of the main justifications for the development
of European mechanisms of judicial cooperation in criminal
affairs was the necessity to create "a homogenous European space between
police action and justice 1". In the context of an increasing institutionalisation
of police cooperation - notably with the creation of Europol - many
judicial, administrative and political actors have felt concern about the
establishment of a Europe of the polices devoid of a complementary judicial
system: "It would have been worrying from an institutional point of
view, had the police been organised and not justice. Cooperation on issues
of justice is therefore crucial according to me: it constitute

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