• Couverture Spectres of Biopolitics. The Wounded Movement of Displacement
  • 4eme Spectres of Biopolitics. The Wounded Movement of Displacement


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Biopolitics, ethics and subjectivation

Date de publication : mars 2011
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Contemporary politics creates forms of silence where singular bodies are
transformed in organic spaces of annihilation. Men, women and children
survive in spaces of abandonment - refugee camps, spaces of
displacement, detention centers - where language is bound to the
mutism of the body which folds onto itself, falling into a silence without
childhood. The stateless persons, the refugees, the immigrants are inscribed in
spaces of exception that bring forth a geography of fear. Within a
multiplication of juridical and administrative boundaries determined by
the immigration and population control policies, "displaced person"
becomes the designation for a singular body converted into a biopolitical
identity that freezes time and sterilizes space.
However, inside these other spaces, it is possible to anticipate the
intimacy of silence between body and t

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