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informal financial groups in Kenya

Susan Johnson

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Une économie solidaire peut-elle être féministe ?

Date de publication : novembre 2015
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While the term social and solidarity economy (SSE) is now increasingly used, definitions present a spectrum of conceptualisations. These range from those that describe and seek to understand the social dimensions of collective economic activity as non-market activity to those that examine how forms of collective action are a response to the rise of capitalism involving transformations that seek to "resist the growing commodification of social life" (Laville 2010a, 81). This latter definition suggests a notion of economic democratisation as a counter-movement (in the Polanyian sense) re-embedding the economy through a political principle. This implies a degree of agency and political intention in the development of these responses which also therefore poses particular challenges for the processes through which equitable gender relations are worked out both within the forms of solidarity economy and the processes through which they are transformed.

  • ISBN : 978-2-343-07602-7 • novembre 2015 • 28 pages
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