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collective kitchens in marginal urban communities of Peru

Jeanine Anderson

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Une économie solidaire peut-elle être féministe ?

Date de publication : novembre 2015
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The idea of collective kitchens - cooking collectively for multiple households that group together to share expenses, labour and (occasionally) the sociality of communal meals- is as old as a feminist Utopia (Hayden 1985). It has been compelling to social, religious, and practical reformers for many and varied reasons, including simple economic efficiency. During the economic crises of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, all over Latin America, comedores populares emerged as a crucial response to hunger and poverty. For many of their promoters and participants, they had the added attractions of furthering leftist ideological programmes, highlighting gender inequality as a vanguard issue, and building a political movement based on serving the practical needs of the marginalised masses.

  • ISBN : 978-2-343-07602-7 • novembre 2015 • 21 pages
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