• Couverture A feminist approach to gender gender equality mainstreaming?


The case of SDC, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Ursula Keller

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Genre et développement

Date de publication : novembre 2008
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This conference explores the link between feminist knowledge production and how such knowledge travels and is translated into "gender expertise" in institutions and development policies. The debate is part of the controversy around gender mainstreaming: can it actually be a transformative strategy for rethinking the neo-liberal and patriarchal system, or has it simply become an integrationist model co-opting the feminist cause? Yet the conference wants to go beyond the critics of gender mainstreaming and instead shed light on the persons behind it, the experts "doing gender mainstreaming", or the "gender-expertocracy" (gender expert bureaucracy). So we need to ask who are these people?

  • ISBN : 978-2-296-06167-5 • novembre 2008 • 9 pages
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