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B. Vaxelaire, F. Bouarourou, C. Fauth, Y. Laprie, R. Sock
Consécutivité et Simultanéité

The current investigation deals with the production of consonant sequences in French, with special focus on velic activity. The study of the spatiotemporal organisation of supraglottal gestures, as a function of speech rate variation is generally essential for understanding the extent of influence of adjacent gestures on each other, and specifically here for discernment of spreading of velic characteristics on surrounding consonants and vowels. Coarticulation is analysed in this investigation in terms of coproduction or gestural simultaneity, and speech rate variation should allow assessing possible restructuring of geometric and temporal patterns. This study is thus a contribution to: 1) a precise description of the propagation of velic properties onto adjacent sounds; 2) evaluating the influence of a non-segmental factor, i.e. speech rate, on the behaviour of the velum. It is shown that the supposedly degree of freedom in excess of the velum, as a certainly highly flexible structure, is remarkably constrained in its movements and configurations by phonological considerations, related to preserving oral vs. nasal contrasts. Indeed, the boundaries of the nasal viability domain, as specified here by fast speaking rate and idiosyncratic biomechanical properties of the speech production system, are circumscribed, in fine, by cognitive linguistic constraints. [→ timing; gestures; tongue; velum; constraints; speech rate]

mars 2018 • 13 pages
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