A literary conversation with Spyros Tsovilis at the Librairie Kleber on 14 October 2009

An atmosphere reminiscent of that found in a public square, a Franco-Greek encounter of pure emotion with an international touch provided by Spyros Tsovilis and journalist Dostena Anguelova-Lavergne, accompanied by music from Vangelis, Arnaud, Catherine and our colleagues Despina, Alexandra and Sylvain. The subjects broached were rich and varied: friendship, love, poetry, singing, the army, the resistance, revolution, borders, democracy and freedom of speech, …The recent publication of "Carnets de garde" (Harmattan ed.) was what prompted these fruitful discussions at the Librairie Kléber…and for those who wish to participate, the Greek cultural week begins on 19 October and ends on 25 October here in Strasbourg.

Amicale of the Council of Europe


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