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Livre The Congo Free State
Détail de l'ouvrage


In search of the historical truth
Guido De Weerd

For the first time the history of the Congo Free State (CFS) is presented on the basis of documents from direct eyewitnesses of the time. Nothing escapes the critical gaze of the author's international relations expert: studies of local populations and tribal rites, polemics on cut hands and human rights, jealousies of other European countries, constant media distortions. Some unpublished documents in their original English form have been integrated in this update of the first french version.

After completing his studies at the Institut Universitaire des Territoires d'Outre-mer, Guido De Weerd embarked on an international career, first as station commissioner at Tchofa (Kasai, Democratic Republic of the Congo) and later as district commissioner in Rwanda. From 1964 onwards he was assigned missions in the field of institutional reforms, public services management and institutional development on behalf of international cooperation organizations.

Broché - format : 16 x 24,5 cm
ISBN : 978-2-9601681-4-3 • 8 septembre 2017 • 626 pages
EAN13 : 9782960168143
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