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Date de publication : avril 2011
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1 Introduction
The team deals with multilingualism, and various cultural, historical and
political themes related to the Finnish Roma and similar groups. The vast majority
of European Roma lives in South-Eastern Europe, particularly in Romania, Bulgaria,
Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, but much of the Roma live also in
Greece, Slovakia, Moldova and Hungary. These regions, obviously, are the
linguistic, cultural and political centers on the level of the European Roma. Western
European countries like the United Kingdom and all the Scandinavian countries are
peripheral from the point of view of the other European Roma communities. The
Romani variant of the Finnish Roma is the only in the North-Western subgroup of
Northern Romani dialects that has survived. Its lexicon comprises a strong Germanic
and Scandinavian component, decreasing its mutual comprehensiveness with most
other Romani dialects. The Finnish influence manifests itself in many typological
changes and transfer of structural patterns, making

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