• Couverture Globalized (in)security: the Field and the Ban-opticon
  • 4eme Globalized (in)security: the Field and the Ban-opticon


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Illiberal practices of liberal regimes: the (in)security games

Date de publication : juin 2006
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The discourses that the United States and its closest allies 2 have put
forth asserting the necessity to globalize security have taken on an
unprecedented intensity and reach. They justify themselves by propagating
the idea of a global "(in)security," attributed to the development of
threats of mass destruction, thought to derive from terrorist or other criminal
organizations and the governments that support them. This globalization
is supposed to make national borders effectively obsolete, and to
oblige other actors in the international arena to collaborate. At the same
time, it makes obsolete the conventional distinction between the constellation
of war,

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