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Illiberal practices of liberal regimes: the (in)security games

Date de publication : juin 2006
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Among the many debates raised by September 11th 2001, one concerns
military involvement in the fight against terrorism1. Has the "War
against Terrorism", the latest of the paradigms situated within the more
global framework of so-called "asymmetric conflicts", upset the routine of
the modern soldier once busy with peacekeeping and now involved in more
important missions 2? The implication of the armed forces in the anti-terrorist
fight, in fact their essential role in the "War against Terrorism", may have
changed their political, organizational and even social role as well as their
relationship to law enforcement agencies and the judiciary. In the long run,
the anti-terrorist fight could trigger a progressive merging of police-related
activities and military activities. The most complete version of this merging
would indeed be the

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