Discursive Struggle in Novels of Assia Djebar, Sabiha Khemir, Rachida Madani

M. J. Muratore

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It is from the vantage point of deconstruction and reconstruction that this analysis of three novels written by three French Maghrebian writers (Assia Djebar, Sabiha Khemir and Rachida Madani) takes shape. The three women writers are contemporary, all dislocated, all culturally apart, in one sense or another, and are all in quest of a triumph (cultural or textual) that will not and cannot come to be.

  • Date de publication : 23 septembre 2019
  • Broché - format : 14 x 21 cm • 120 pages
  • Langue : English
  • ISBN : 978-2343144771
  • EAN13 : 9782343144771
  • (Imprimé en France)

Professor M. J. Muratore, University of Missouri Curators' Distinguished Professor, is author of numerous book-length studies, among which figure: "The evolution of the Cornelian Heroine" ; "Cornelian Theater : The Metadramatic Dimension" : "Mimesis and Metatextuality in Neo-Classical Text". She has as well directed and contributed to multiple essay collections. A wide-ranging spectrum of scholarly articlesappear in international journals and focus on French, European and post-colonial works.

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