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Challenges and cyber security strategies in some european countries and adaptation for Asian countries: the case of Vietnam

Zoltan Rajnai
Huu Phuoc Dai Nguyen

Collection : Harmattan Hongrie

Zone géographique :
- Asie > Asie du Sud-Est > Viêt Nam

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The booming of the Internet of Things (IoT) benefits individuals, businesses, and society. The IoT can allow consumers to utilize their mobile or smart devices to manage the security of their homes, health, finance, and life. More-over, the IoT may assist companies or factories globally optimize operations and enhance customer satisfaction by tracking their goods during shipping, location, control, and security. Although the Internet of Things (IoT) and cy-berspace provide several advantages, they are fraught with vulnerabilities, dangers, and security concerns. Hence, computer and network security are a concern for traditional security awareness organizations. Vietnam, a tiny country in Southeast Asia, is one of the world's top 20 most populous coun-tries; however, the country's information and communication technology (ICT) economy has just recently evolved. As a result, it exits many vulnerabili-ties and security holes in its network system. This research seeks answers to the following five crucial questions to determine whether Vietnam is prepared to tackle any security issues or find solutions to them: What are cyber threats? Are they potentially hazardous to Vietnam? What can Vietnam do to protect itself against cyber-attacks? How can Vietnam work with foreign groups to address these concerns? What are the advantages of Visegrád's defense methods against cyber-attacks from other countries? Which cybersecurity solutions have been adaptable to Vietnam?

  • Date de publication : 7 février 2023
  • Broché - format : 15,5 x 24 cm • 182 pages
  • Langue : anglais
  • ISBN : 978-2-14-026529-7
  • EAN13 : 9782140265297
  • (Imprimé en France)

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