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Timea Kovacs

Collection : Harmattan Hongrie

Zone géographique :
- Europe > Europe centrale > Hongrie

Thématique :
- Sciences du langage > Linguistique

  • Langue : anglais
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    There is no denying that linguistic contrasts between languages may impact the learning of foreign languages, and there is no doubt that being aware of the differences between the mother tongue (L1) and the foreign or second language being learnt (L2) can help learners in acquiring L2. The aim of this book is to make Hungarian students of English acquainted with some of the linguistic contrasts between English and Hungarian that may impact their own and their prospective students' learning of English, Author Pál Heltai provides a balanced and detailed overview of the most relevant aspects of contrastive linguistics - phonetics, syntax, lexicolo-gy, pragmatics, and translation. Each chapter comprises a theoretical introduction, complemented by illustrative texts of example sentences and translations. The book provides a good opportunity for students to recapitulate or complement some of the material covered earlier in their linguistics courses at university, showing the relevance of these disciplines for foreign language learning, teaching, and translation.

    • Date de publication : 1 janvier 2020
    • - format : 15,5 x 25 cm • 237 pages
    • Langue : anglais
    • ISBN : 978-2-343-22292-9
    • EAN13 : 9782343222929
    • EAN PDF : 9782140237997
    • (Imprimé en France)

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