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"Enhanced Men" and "Posthumans" soon in Africa ?

Ebénézer Njoh Mouelle

Translated by Denis-Ghislain Mbessa

Collection : Harmattan Cameroun
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Njoh Mouelle deploys an analysis intended to clarify his position on various aspects of this movement. He analyses ethical notions and highlights unsuspected issues, on the difficult question of regulating the exploitation of the results of convergent NBIC research, many of which prove to be advantageous for every man. While he emphasises on the regulation designed to protect and save the human species from vanishing in Cyborgs, the Cameroonian philosopher also cares for the uncertain fate that could be reserved for the economically weaker categories in the face of enhancing capacities of all kinds on other continents.

  • Date de publication : 17 avril 2019
  • Broché - format : 13,5 x 21,5 cm • 94 pages
  • Langue : English
  • ISBN : 978-2-343-17483-9
  • EAN13 : 9782343174839
  • EAN PDF : 9782140119644
  • (Imprimé en France)

President of the Scientific Council of the Doctoral Research Unit for Arts, Languages and Culture at the Faculty of Arts, Letters and Social Sciences of the University of Yaoundé I, Ebénézer Njoh Mouelle has remained an active and productive intellectual.

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